Bananarama #6 Kvalborg – 04-Släpp


On the 29th of april, after Kalasegasquen, it’s time for an alltime Uppsala favourite B A N A N A R A M A. This time we’ll be showering you with indie hits mixed with 80’s and 90’s on the big dancefloor while Uppsalas baddest chicks will be playing Hip Hop and RnB on the small dancefloor.

Tickets for sale at Göteborgs Nation!
Early Bird: 100 SEK
Regular: 120 SEK


This legendary Stockholm based dj has been around since before we were born, he knows all the do’s and don’ts of dj-ing and he’s played at all the hottest clubs in the big city and all the hottest parties. He will have you all sweating and making out like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t miss out on the biggest name playing in Uppsala on Kvalborg!

This Icelandic dj has a pretty close to perfect track record, and for good reason. She’s been a resident dj at Kaffibarinn in Reykjavik from, as far as we know, the beginning of time! She’s played at top of the line venues such as Sonar Reykjavik, Culture Box in Kopenhagen and Moroder Sound Club in Madrid as well as all the worthwhile Uppsala venues.

He’s the godfather and visual wizard of Uppsala Jungle, and just the right person to talk to if you want to fill your house, club or grass field in Storvad, with nice people, party all night, wake up with mismatching shoes and someone’s monkey mask on your face, thinking – it was still worth it!

Lucci belongs to the Urban scene and brings the party wherever she goes. She has previously played at Uppsala Jungle, Interpool, Kulturernas Karneval and at Göteborgs she’s going to focus on Hip Hop. It’s the first time she’ll perform at Göteborgs Nation and is looking forward to make the crowd have a blast.
Get your kicks on, it’s time to dance!

▼ $UBLIM ▼
You know she’s our number one favorite thug, from the ghettos of Bergen to the broad streets of Uppsala, we bring you Sublim. She will be manning the decks on the hip hop floor from 01.00-04.00 for all you serious clubbers to love, lust after and respect.
This badass is with out a doubt Uppsalas most impressive newcommer of 2017.

▼ hyacyn ▼
Solo project of Jonathan Lundquist. Playing live for the first time ever at BANANARAMA Kvalborg special. We are honored and exited to have him. You should not miss this talent for anything in the world!

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