Ghlassborg is back for the 3rd year in a row! Spring is getting closer and closer, and Gästrike-Hälsinge nation therefore invites Uppsala to the Ghlassborg edition of 2018. The experienced Valborg celebrant knows exactly what this is about, and to triumph last year, this years’ Ghlassborg will offer even more sunshine, an even nicer atmosphere and most of all: much more ICE CREAM (ghlass)!

During Kvalborg and Valborg, GH offers a laidback alternative as always; an oasis in the chaos. Come and enjoy the nicest atmosphere in Uppsala, ice cream, ice cream drinks, BBQ and lounge music in our cosy garden.

When: 14-20 Kvalborg 29/4 & 12-20 Valborg 30/4
Where: Gästrike-Hälsinge nation
Price: 40/60 for one day. 60/80 for both days (member/non-meber).

Ticket release:
3 april: Functionaries of GH!
4 april: Members of GH!
5 april: All others!

Tickets are sold at the 3Q office during opening hours:
Mondays: 15-17
Tuesdays: 15-17
Wednesdays: 10-12
Thursdays: 15-17

Pre-sale tickets break the line all day.
It’s also possible to purchase a ticket in the door.

Nation card or guest cards is required!

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DJs during Ghlassborg:

★★Kvalborg (29/4) och Valborg (30/4) ★★


For the 2nd year in a row, William returns to our garden during Ghlassborg to play his soft tunes and deep base. Expect the very best in terms of nu-disco, tropical house and deep house for the ultimate feels!


Ajde Beats has a background as a Hiphop producer and has produced for a number of Hiphop veterans such as the American rapper Sage Francis.
Ajde Beats currently organizes and DJ at clubs such as Issa Vibe and URBAN.

Ajde Beats mix consists of everything from soft RnB, Soul and HipHop to energetic Afrobeat and Dancehall.

With an extraordinary style of mixing new music with older urban music, Ajde Beats has played at every bar or club worth visiting in Uppsala.

Link to Instagram:

Link to Mixcloud:

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