Herring-lunch Kalmar nation

No Valborg in Uppsala is complete without a traditional herring lunch at Kalmar! Right between the raft races and the donning of the caps Kalmar nation opens its doors to all cold, hungry and thirsting guests, inviting them to a hearty Valborg buffet filled to the brim with Swedish classics. Anyone who wants to find out what a “skagenröra” is, or just stuff themselves full with meatballs and several different kinds of pickled herring will be more than happy with our smorgasbord, which of course offers many vegetarian and vegan alternatives. And in between bites the traditional snaps songs will fill the hall. Simply the most festive lunch during the whole Valborg-weekend! So save yourself the cold, sad outdoor picnics and come eat a hefty lunch and use a proper toilet in the warmth at Kalmar instead!

Lunch: 12.00
Kalmarites: 200 kr
Others: 220 kr
Tickets released: 8 april

Nation card required

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