Club at Kvalborg: Live music

Kvalborg offers a club at Kalmar! We have dusted the drum sticks and tuned the guitars, and downstairs there will be live performances by, among others, Rhymes. Upstairs our DJ’s will be playing the entire evening! We are open between 20-01.

Time: 20-01
Price: 80 kr for kalmarites / 120 kr for other nationals
Pre-sale: April 10 at 2Q office 12-13. Guarantee your place at this year’s club and go ahead in the queue until 23.00.

—- Rhymes —
After the gig, the question comes: What are you doing? Rhymes was formed in Uppsala in January 2016 and the drug is called music. Music that tears the walls between audiences and bands, music that turns into blind energy that takes over everything in space and in your head. After the last tunes of the premiere play, the audience continued to sing. And no matter what’s been and what’s going on, there’s only one now. Fill it with the energy from four people who play primitively and relentlessly. Like a spark on gas.

The indie-octet that calls themselves “Sweden only real band”. 100% real music with wind instrument, synthesizers, gitarrs, super sweet grooves and lyrics in Swedish. The’ve played in Uppsala before which resulted in some of their fondest memories, and this time will not be an exception. Kilimanjaro + Uppsala = ❤

Spotify link:

—Skenet Bedrar—
A discount rock band from Malmö
A bit tighter then loose snow
Shameful and broken
Sax from Blue Hawaii
Better then Boplats Syds apartment queue

Their debut track, “Bättre än”, was released in June 2017 on Kollektivet Records and their next release are planed for May this year!


More bands and DJs are released shortly!

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