A description is not really needed, “those who know, they know” somebody said sometime. If Valborg is the buildup, the line to Räkan (the Shrimp) a crescendo then Räkan is the climax like no other. Valborg is nothing in comparison and you´re missing the point if you are not feasting on small crustacens, if you aren´t dancing by the table and not experiencing the euphoric satisfaction that will be found in the festival hall of Göteborgs nation.

After the dinner you can dance in the morning light where we show why the first of May at Göteborgs nation is a day that will be associated with a complete ecstasy.

When: May 1st 18:30
Price: 350 SEK

Ticket release:
April 9th – Ämbetsmän
April 10th – Nation Members (Max 2)
April 11th – Others (Max 2)
After party: SEK 80 (60 for members)

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