Smålandsfestivalen 2018 – GRAND PUB WITH GRAND QUIZ & CLUB

At Kvalborg, Småland’s invites you to a grandiose Grand pub where the evening begins with nice food and a magical Grand quiz with a Harry Potter theme. Later, two dance floors will be opened and a live band, secret for now, takes the stage. Expect awesome beats and wild dancing into the morning hours.

☀ SIGNING UP RULES – Harry Potter Quiz
☀ The team may consist of a maximum of 6 people
☀ The sign up will be made to
☀ Enter all team members first and last name and your team name.
☀ Nation card required.
☀ The sign up for the quiz opens at 00:00 on Thursday, 12/4 (which means midnight Wednesday).
☀ The application closes at 15:00 on the 26/4 or when all the spots are gone.
☀ The doors open at 18:00 and the quiz starts at 19:00, if teams not have shown up before 18:30 they will lose their reservation.
☀ Since the quiz is during the Smålands festival and there is a 02-club with live bands afterwards there will be an entrance fee of SEK 50 between 18:00 and 21:00.

Psst! There will be 50 spots not possible to book, so if you do not get a table, be sure to be early to the event to get one of these places!

☀ Nation card required
☀ Entrance 6 pm -9 pm 50kr
☀ Entrance 9 pm – 2 am 100kr
☀ Wardrobe included
☀ Free entry for nation members
☀ Band and DJs:

✿✿ Klangverwalter ✿✿
Klangverwalter – alias Sascha – originally from Berlin where he began perform as DJ during the 90’s. Since then he has played at a large number of clubs in Germany, Spain and France. He is a specialist for Electro Swing and Breakbeats, but he has never forgotten his roots in the Rock and Pop genres – especially in the 80’s and 90’s.

✿✿ $UŠH ✿✿
SUSH spreads her tunes at different clubs between sthlm and u-a. One usually finds her at WILDE! in pure techno mode, but she also plays hiphop / RnB occasionally. This summer she performed at PRIDE in Sthlm and last autumn she released her first single “Hung Up”. During Kvalborg she has promised us the hottest in hiphop/RnB, it’s femme, it’s klaun, it’s fab.

✿✿ Shitbaby Mammals ✿✿
Nobody puts Shitbaby in the corner! That said, think the fun of Baby City Rollers meets the energy of MC5, frenetic disco beats and fuzzy guitars. What do you get? You get Shitbaby Mammals. The godless love child of Joakim Ejdeholm and Erik Andersson. In september 2015 the band played their first live performance supporting Swedish cult band bob hund. Since then they’ve been all over Sweden giving the audience what they need: a highly energetic live show with no messin’ around. Shitbaby hold the rare ability of turning Tuesdays into Saturdays. These party Mammals performing as a five piece band, will transform your local scene (or stereo) into a disco-rocking mayhem.

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