Smålandsfestivalen 2018 – Beer Pong-turnering

5 pm – 1 am

This evening will offer an outstanding Beer pong tournament with great prices. In addition to the tournament there will be a chance to fill your belly with swinging burgers and later in the evening you will be able to dance to live bands.

– The sign up opens 00.00 Monday, 2nd of April
– You sign your team up by emailing
– write the names and last names of all team members and your team’s name
– Last day to sign up is the 23rd of April.
– Nation card required
– One team is between 2-4 persons
– The cost for joining the tournament is 60 SEK/person, one beverage (alc free, beer or cider) and the chance to win good prices is included in the price.
– All teams are guaranteed at least 4 matches.
– You can only be in one (1) team.
– The doors opens at 5 pm and the first matches begins at 5.45 pm, at 5.30 pm we will go through the rules of the game. Remember to be on time to avoid queues.

☀ Nation card required
☀ Entrance fee: 40 kr
☀ Free entry for Småland’s members (not participating in the tournament)
☀ Band and DJs:

✿✿ Basement Bout ✿✿
The band with genuine Småland origin, Basement Bout, is visiting Småland’s nation in Uppsala! With influences from the 90s and 21st century indie, alternative and garage rock revival scene, the band delivers a full-scale live experience, featuring songs ranging from idiotic garageriff to dancey pop melodies.

✿✿ Rhymes ✿✿
Rhymes is the intense rock band compared to legends like Chuck Berry and The Clash. Tomas Rimeika, singer in Rhymes, has even been described as Howlin ‘Pelle (Swedish singer) on speed. When playing live, they’re something out of the ordinary, whether it’s 1 or 500 people in the audience, you’ll definitely experience at least one stage dive. Now the band is releasing new music and the single “Move On” came out April 6th.

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