Smålandsfestivalen 2018 – CHAMPAGNE LUXURY

Champagne is best in sparkling champagne glasses – not in your hair – we think at Smaland’s nation, where we traditionally will serve a bubbly beverage with snacks on the day of Valborg. Here you can take a break from the noisy streets, and instead enjoy a relaxed yet festive atmosphere in decorated rooms.

✿ Table booking is done by sending an email to
✿ Write how many you are, under which name and what time you arrive (the Luxury is open between 3-6 pm).
✿ If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation, the table will go to someone else.
✿ The last day for booking is 26/4 at 15:00.
✿ Nation card required
✿ Free entry
✿ DJ:

✿✿ Toofan Salehpour ✿✿
Salehpour is one of Uppsala’s most experienced organizers, currently working with the disco and houseclub Chic at Gotland’s nation and has high recognition in underground circuits. He has also released his own music – including the house EP and the tribute to the student era “Rackismusik EP” at Oh! Records that received support from Global Ibiza Radio among others. Now at Valborg, he visits Uppsala with his best house finds to make champagne luxury more luxurious than ever. Have Shazam ready to be used!

12 pm – 1 pm
Of course there will be an Lawn consert during the day, when our fantastic nation orchestra and beautifully singing nation choirs give you amazing music experiences outdoors. What is spring if not wonderful tones in sunshine?

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