Smålandsfestivalen 2018 – Lawn party

To celebrate that our lawn is no longer a construction site, but on the contrary festival ready, we now invite you to a sunbathing day party like no other! There will be fantastic drinks and great food. Later in the evening the party transitions into a club with live bands and several dance floors. An awesome evening with lots of fun!

☀ Nation card required
☀ Entrance 1 pm – 9 pm 50 kr
☀ Entrance 9 pm – 2 am 100 kr
☀ Wardrobe included
☀ Free entry for nation members
☀ Band and DJs:

✿✿ Audeo ✿✿
Audeo is known for her passion for progressive house, but with the pursuit of constantly learning new techniques, she is unique in her way of merging and delivering a variety of music from different genres. The aim is to become a name within the house scene as well as attract a broader audience. The goal is to deliver a dance joy that will be felt throughout the body.

✿✿ Hökartorget ✿✿
Over a million streams on Spotify, several praised live performances behind them and a fan base that just grows. Hökartorget delivers shabby, heartfelt and above all peppy pop in Swedish. With songs like ADHD skalle, Även En Idiot, Hjärtat Säger and Bli Kvar, the band has created several indie anthems to carry close to the heart both in the happiest moments and when it blows a little colder. The band has been the opening act to Veronica Maggio and bob hund. And it is somewhere there in-between you find Hökartorget, it is like a pop and punk mixture.
Live the band is “like a vitamin injection” or simply “damn-good”, according to the reviewers. Do not miss the chance to go on the Hökartorget rollercoaster through the emotional range!

Kittlar dödsskönt i klittan is Uppsala’s least uptight DJs that give you the most festive party music! Malin and Veronika give you chicks and girl culture. Pop, guilty pleasures and Britney are high up on the agenda during the evening!

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