Vengaboys, Mash Up International and an secret artist as well as the atmosphere of the Champagne gallop, together with thousands of guests, will make sure that this year’s celebration during the Valborg shrine will be the best ever!

Tickets can be purchased at (alternative link: http: //, all ticket holders must show nation card at the entrance to the event.

National / guest card required. Nation card is required.
KK-cards and Södermanlands-Nerikes nations priority cards are valid.
-18 years.


Friday club 27/4
– Opening hours: 20-01
– Entrance fee: 100 kr

Skvalborg 28/4 – Mash Up International + Secret Artist
– Opening hours: 16-01
– Price: 250 SEK (+ service charge in advance)
– Pre-sale ticket: Applies as payment method and gives priority to the queue until 21 o’clock

Kvalborg 29/4 – Vengaboys
– Opening hours: 16-02
– Price: 350 SEK (+ service charge in advance)
– Pre-sale ticket: Applies to payment as well as giving priority to sex until 19:00

Valborg 30/4 – Champagnegalopp
– Opening hours: 15-18
– Entrance fee: 200 kr

4-Day ticket
– Applies to payment as a means of payment throughout Valborgshelgen and gives priority in the que during the Friday club, Skvalborg until 21 o’clock and Kvalborg until 19 o’clock
– Price: 700 kr + service fee (you save 200 kr and get a festival band at the first entry)

Please post your questions in the event and review other people’s questions we answered before posting your questions.

You can not pre-buy one-day tickets to the Champagnegaloppen. A 4-day ticket applies as a means of payment on the Champagne Gallop but does not give priority in the que during the Champagne gallop.

You get the festival ties to the 4-day tickets at the first entry.

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