Visitor Information For students and non-students

For students:

During the week of Valborg 25/4 – 1/5 the regular guest card does not work. It is only our guest card especially made for Valborg that works.

The Valborg guest card costs 250 kr and is not sold at any of the nations, only in the guest card expedition (located at the bottom floor of the student union building on Övre Slottsgatan 7).

With a Valborg guest card, students from another city than Uppsala can take part of the tradition in Uppsala to celebrate the festivities around the end of April at Uppsala’s 13 nations. The card is valid as a temporary membership and does not include any entrance fees.

Ordinary open hours for the Guest card expedition:

Tuesday-Friday: 17-19                                                                                                        Saturday: 13-15

Guest card expedition open hours during valborg:

The guest card office will start selling the Valborg Guest Cards from the 19th of Mars.
The Valborg guestcard requires the same credentials as an ordinary guestcard.

There will be extended opening hours during the Valborg week:
Tisdag 23/4: 15-19
Onsdag 24/4: 15-19
Torsdag 25/4: 15-19
Fredag 26/4: 15-19
Lördag 27/4: 13-17
Söndag 28/4: 13-17
Måndag 29/4: 11-15
Tisdag 30/4: CLOSED
Onsdag 1/5: CLOSED

For further questions, e-mail

For visitors:

Please visit for more information about Uppsala and also read the Police broschyre about what to think about when at Valborg in Uppsala. You can download it here Valborgsfolder_2015_A4_engelsk POLIS