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On Friday 21 January, The Municipality of Uppsala, together with other actors in the Walpurgis collaboration, decided to cancel this year’s Walpurgis celebration. The situation with the COVID-19 pandemic remains serious and can be expected to remain so even at the end of April. Read more in a press release from The Municipality of Uppsala (in Swedish).

This means that activities linked to the traditional Walpurgis celebrations in Uppsala will be cancelled. In the current, completely unique situation we are in right now, we do not see that the celebration of Walpurgis in Uppsala can be done according to the restrictions and guidelines from authorities and the government.

The days around the end of April usually gather up to 150,000 people in the central parts of Uppsala to take part in a traditional Walpurgis celebration, a large part of which are incoming visitors and students. There is no overall organizer of the event as the program consists of many different program items from several organizers, and spontaneous gatherings. They work together for a safe, well-ordered, and safe celebration in focus.

The actors within the Walpurgis collaboration in Uppsala consist of Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, The City of Uppsala, the University Hospital, the Uppsala Region, the Police and Destination Uppsala. All actors agree to do their utmost to prevent the spread of infection and limit the activities that lead to larger gatherings. In the current situation we are in, the Walpurgis celebrations in Uppsala cannot be carried out.