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Aaltoborg: Klubb Katastrof

2 May - 3 May


Hedon’s highest holiday, Valborg in Uppsala, has come to an end…
After four days of V-Borg in Uppsala you may find you have a catastrophe at home, a catastrophe in your bank account and/or just a general catastrophe in your life. What could be better then, than like a true student procrastinate and dodge everything unpleasant by one last time escaping into the party-vibe on the dancefloor for the ultimate ending to the return of Valborg 2022?
Too much of a catastrophe in your wallet? No problos, the club is free so that as many as possible will be able to join us for one last night of party before the cleaning calls. So what are you waiting for?
Nation card required.
Host: V-Dala Nation
Time: May 2nd 21:00
Place: V-Dala Nation