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Festivalborg at Norrlands nation

26 Apr - 30 Apr


IT’S FINALLY TIME! Norrlands Nation is proud to present Festivalborg 2023!
The festival week starts on Wednesday 26/4 with HEXABORG, followed by a Valborg lounge the 27/4, and going out in a blaze of glory with a three-day mega-party with a beer pong tournament and 01-släpp on Skvalborg, 02.00 on Kvalborg, and 04.00 on VALBORG!! As if that weren’t enough to make you want to celebrate Festivalborg with us at Norrlands Nation, we’ve got great LIVE ARTISTS lined up for you on Kvalborg and Valborg. So make sure to get your tickets fast, because you don’t want to miss this!
Keep a lookout in the event for more information.
Festivalborg pass 28-30 april: 470/450*
1-day pass Skvalborg: 130/120*
1-day pass Kvalborg: 130/120*
1-day pass Valborg: 250
*Members of Norrlands Nation
Festivalborg bands cut the queue until 22.00 every night, and after 22.00 they work as payment at the door. 1-day tickets work the same way for each day. The Festival pass is valid for all days and will break the queue until 22.00, and after 22.00 it is valid as payment at the door. ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required for all events during festivalborg.
Hexaborg is our first event of the week, it’s like our regular Wednesday club but with a twist, a festival theme. What better way to kickstart the week with good music and some funky dance moves.
Open: 21-01
Price: free entry before 22.00, afterwards it’s 80kr for non members/ free for members of Norrlands.
ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required.
One can wonder what kungaborg means? This day the King of Sweden visits Uppsala. In celebration of that we will open up for a relaxing day at Norrlands with a lounge in our yard and Orvars krog being open. Swing by for a relaxing day before the great Valborg festivities during the weekend.
Opening hours:
Orvar: 16.00 – 01.00
The yard: 16.00 – 00.00
Majs café: 08.00 – 16.00
ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required.
The day will commence with a beer pong tournament in our yard.
When? 16.00 – 20.00
Price? free, beverage for the tournament will be sold on the spot.
Orvars krog will be open and as well as our club. From 08-14 Majs café will serve both breakfast and lunch thereafter they will serve festival inspired food from 21-01.
Opening hours:
Orvars krog: 14.00 – 01.00
The yard: 16.00 – 01.00
Beer pong tournament: 16.00 – 20.00
Club: 20.00 – 01.00
ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required.
Per usual we will serve lördagsfika (Saturday-fika) in Majs café: This Saturday with a festival inspired menu with milkshakes, smoothies and mimosas from 12.00 – 15.00, of course with alcohol free options. Note that you need nation card and ID to attend, unlike our regular lördagsfika. Later in the evening there will be live music, more info about the artists and time will be announced shortly.
Opening hours:
Orvar: 13.00 – 02.00
The yard: 16.00 – 00.00
Club: 19.00 – 02.00
Majs café: 12.00 – 15.00,21.00 – 02.00
ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required.
The grand day, VALBORG! The day starts at 14.00 when we open Orvars Krog. Shortly thereafter we’ll open up the yard with a bar and a DJ playing music. At 16dk it’s time for our Valborgsgask! (The gask is already sold out) Later in the evening we’ll open up our club for dancing and live artists. Info concerning live music will be announced shortly.
Opening hours:
Orvar: 13.00 – 02.00
Majs café: 19.00 – 04.00
The yard: 15.00 – 00.00
Club: 20.00 – 04.00
ID and Nationcard/valborgguestcard are required.