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Forsränningen – Ankdagen

21 Apr - 21 Apr


Ankdagen: Ankdagen (
Ankdagen is on Sunday, April 21 between 10:00 and 16:00 at the anktivity area by Ångströmlaboratoriet. Everyone is welcomed to participate on this day!

Ankdagen is Uppsala teknolog- and naturvetarkår’s family event to create a playful, fun and nice day for children and families, young and old. This is done by fun activities like a treasure hunt, pony riding, fishpond, face painting and a lot more fun. You will also have the possibility to visit the construction site where students build their rafts for Forsränningen which takes play on April 30. Food and drinks will be sold to make sure no one is hungry and that you have energy to have more fun!

The goal with Ankdagen is to create joy for everyone who visits the event, but also to the children that cannot attend due to illness. That is why we have a collaboration with Akademiska Hospital’s children’s fund to make a contribution so that these children can have a better life. Parts of the entertainment during Ankdagen will require financial support for the charity organization, but not so much that not everyone will be able to afford it. There will also be free anktivities that everyone can attend.