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Forsränningen (River Rafting) 2023

30 Apr - 15 Apr


When the starting signal sounds at 10.00 during valborg, the river rafting starts. The starting area is by Eddaspången, where 120 colourful rafts are lined up and ready for the rafting. After the signal, the first raft is launched on Fyrisån and starts its journey towards Islandsfallet, and the finish area. On the way there, the rafts need to pass Kvarnfallet which is usually the rafting challenge. Bystanders can watch the rafts pass by Fyrisån and you are very welcomed to wave and say hello to the rafters. Remember that it is not allowed to throw anything at the rafters. Because of the large gatherings of people by the Fyrisån, it is important to pass the bridges without stopping to ensure accessibility for both visitors and security personnel.