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Valborg at Kalmar nation

27 Apr - 1 May


April 27: Kalmar LIVE
April 28: VINGÅRDEN and Techno
April 29: Kollektivets indie
April 30: Herring lunch and Champagnegalopp
May 1: May dinner

Kalmar LIVE – April 27
Would it really be a party at Kalmar without some of the best up and coming acts in the Swedish indie scene? We certainly don’t think so! Come by Kalmar to hear four of our favourite bands from around the country rock the house down.
What: MUSIC!
Where: Kalmar nation!
When: April 27, 18-00
Price: 100 kr members of Kalmar nation/120 kr others
Nationskort krävs

SKVALBORG! WINE GARDEN followed by TECHNO – April 28th
Skvalborg wine garden! What better way to welcome spring than to hang out in Kalmar nation’s garden, enjoying nice drinks (non-alcoholic alternatives are available) and food? Nothing, we think! There will be white wine, red wine, orange wine, natural wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines – YES, we got it all. Join us from 16 o’clock in the garden! But it doesn’t end there… when we get into the wee hours, we open up the whole nation house for dance and thumping techno – Folkets techno.
WHAT: WINE GARDEN + Folkets techno – Something for everyone!
Where: Kalmar nation!
When: April 28, 16-01
Price: Until 21: 30 kr for members of Kalmar nation/50 kr others. After 21: 100 kr for members of Kalmar nation/120 kr others.

You heard it right – you can party with Kollektivets Indie all kvalborg long! Come by at 16 and hang out in our garden, dance in the spring sun and vote on the democratic dancefloor! During the evening, the dance floor inside the house will also be opened and it will be indie, inDIE and INDIEE! And if you’re lucky, even the occasional Shoreline.
Where: Kalmar nation, of course!
When: April 29, 16-02
Price: 100 SEK for members of Kalmar nation/120 SEK for others.

VALBORG! Herring lunch – April 30
Last of april and herring — can you name a more iconic duo? Didn’t think so! Several different kinds of herring are promised, and of course there will be vegetarian and vegan options. Let the songs ring through the banquet hall in between the traditional Valborg river rafting and mösspåtagning.
What: Herring lunch
Where: Can you guess? Yes, Kalmar nation!
When: April 30, 11:30
Price: 200/250 kr
Ticket sales until April 25, at 2Q during expedition time.

The day has come! It’s time for the GALLOP! Spray non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks on each other all afternoon long in our garden. Bring a raincoat… or don’t! It will be fun!
What: Champagnegalopp
Where: The Kalmar Nation garden!
When: April 30, 15:00
Price: 50 SEK for members of Kalmar nation/100 SEK for others.

As a conclusion to the wild party that is Valborg in Uppsala, Kalmar nation traditionally invites you to a tasty May dinner! Here is a seating where Kalmarites of all ages meet and enjoy both a
luxurious dinner and the fact that spring is finally here. With song, laughter and glam, we close the chapter on Valborg for this year and welcome spring!
What: May dinner
Where: Kalmar nation
When: May 1, of course!
Price: 350 SEK for members of Kalmar nation/380 SEK for others.

Want to experience all the fun and maximize your Valborg experience? Buy the Kalmar Card! The card gives you access to all the nation’s Valborg events (except for the herring lunch and May dinner) and also allows you to skip the queue. Did we mention it’s discounted?

What: The best card you ever had or will have.
Price: 300 kr for members / 350 kr for others
When: April 3 for the memebrs only and April 4th for general release to all students
From 11:00-13:00 at the nation.

Buy a card for a friend?
You can buy one extra ticket.
Just bring their ID or picture of ID and nation card or picture of nation card. It is first come first served, so run to Kalmar nation!