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Kvalborg at Norrlands

29 Apr - 30 Apr


Celebrate this year’s second best day at Norrland’s nation! We are open all day with various festival activities! To make good things even better, our day club is up and running from 13.00 – hooray!
Day club:
We start the day with a day club starting from 13.00, with outdoor dance floor in our courtyard. Pause the dancing and eat festival food in Majs Café or hang out at Orvars Krog. Visit the whirlpool lounge, chill in the summer bar or take group photos by our photo wall! Of course, there are non-alcoholic alternatives.
Beer Pong Tournament:
At Kvalborg, our appreciated Kvalborg tradition is back: the Beer Pong Tournament! The tournament starts at 18.00 in Gamla salen (The old part). Join your group of friends and show who is the best at this noble party sport: Sign up today!
Information about Beer Pong Tournament:
* 3-5 people per team
* 200 kr/ team, you pay at the door (Includes entrance and beer / alcohol-free beverages for the first game and entrance to the club – so worth it!)
* Nation card/Valborg-guest card and identification are required for everyone on the team.
* Pre-registration: send an email to with team name and names of the participants no later than 26 April. By pre-registration you are guaranteed a place until 17.45, we open the doors from 17.15 and start the tournament at 18.00. Limited number of places!
Warm up for the evening by singing karaoke from 18.00 and keep the spirit going by recharging in our lounge. At 21.00, the highlight of the evening begins, when we really get started on the dance floors and open theme bars! During the evening, several fun surprises await… The club is open until 02.00.

Nation card required.

Host: Norrland’s Nation
Time: April 29th 13:00
Place: Norrland’s Nation