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Walpurgis Ball at Uppsala castle

30 Apr - 1 May


After a break of three years, it is finally time for Allmänna Sången, the oldest academic choir in Northern Europe, to once again welcome everyone back to the traditional Walpurgis Ball at Uppsala castle.
With daylight returning and hearts and minds thawing, we present to you the crown jewel of springtime celebrations. For many years the Walpurgis Ball has been organised by Allmänna Sången and open to the public to participate as part of the annual spring celebrations in Uppsala being held on the last day of April. After the dinner, Allmänna Sången will be performing live through the Swedish broadcasting service Sveriges Radio at Gunillaklockan outside of Uppsala castle; an unbroken tradition since 1830.
This is a golden opportunity to experience a real ball at the castle, with all its splendor you could imagine. You will be part of an evening of beautiful traditions, a three-course dinner, dancing to a big band and making new memories for a lifetime.
The ball is open to everyone above 18 years of age, and no student nation card is required. Let the fairy tale come true for a night and go to the Walpurgis Ball with Allmänna Sången.
The formal dinner starts with an aperitif served at 16:30
Prices: 1050 SEK (ordinary) / 900 SEK (student)
The price includes an aperitif, three-course dinner incl. beverages and a ticket to the party after the dinner incl. midnight snack
Dress code: Formal attire (white tie) / evening gown
Tickets are being sold between 20th of February until 13th of April throughout Lyyti:
Concert by Gunillaklockan: 21:00, which also will be transmitted through the Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio.
Party after dinner: 22:00-02:00
Price: 200 SEK
Midnight snack included
Music will be provided by Attraktionsorkestern
Dress code: formal (suit)
Tickets to the party after dinner are sold until April 30th throughout Lyyti:
Do you have any questions? Please contact:!
Host: Allmänna Sången
Time: 30th April 16:30
Place: Uppsala castle