Valborg at Norrlands Norrlands nation

Valborg 30/4

>>Valborgsgask 17 dk, 500kr <<

Uppsala’s main event: VALBORG! What would a Festivalborg celebration be without a final Valborg club that will last the whole day, at Norrland’s nation?


Hours: 13.00 – 04.00, free entrance until 18.00


Festival hang out:

We open the doors to the nation already at 13.00, for a daytime party that will last all the way until 04.00. To celebrate this day we go all in with activities. Get started in our inner court yard where we have a lounge, visit Orvars Krog, eat festival food in Maj’s Café and try out our summer bar outside!


Hours: 13.00 – 04.00, free entrance until 18.00



When the day turns in to night we open up our outdoor dance floor and Diskot for a släpp! Visit our bubble lounge to sing karaoke, dance to some of Uppsala’s greatest DJ’s in our dance floors and eat night food at Orvars Krog, to create the perfect night! It will be a Valborg to remember, a night that will last all the way until 04.00. Come to Norrlands nation to celebrate the last of April!


Buy the Festival bracelet to cut the line! The festival bracelet will get you the chance to cut the line until 21.00 the 26, 27 and 28 of april, and also until 19.00 the 29 of april april, and  18.00 during valborg.

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