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Klubb Valborg

28 Apr - 1 May


Finally, spring is around the corner and we all know what that means…
🦋Skvalborg, Kvalborg, and VALBORG!🦋
You can count on Värmlands Nation to invite you to a fantastic evening all of the three days of Valborg celebrations. We open up the entire house for maximum dance floors, and above all, we have the recurring success of our awesome outdoor stage which will hype up the whole garden. Skvalborg and Kvalborg will warm you up with festivities from 6 pm to 2 am, then we are open until the early hours on Valborg from 6 pm to 4 am!!

Skvalborg 18:00–02:00
Kvalborg 18:00–02:00
Valborg 18:00–04:00
On Valborg (30/4), the nation’s traditional herring lunch is held with following 04-släpp. More info to come.

We will be selling advantageous wristbands (which are not only stylish to wear!) that allow you to bypass the queue to the celebration until 10:00 p.m. 22:00 on Skval- and Kvalborg, and until 23:00 on Valborg!!!
During ticket sales, you can buy up to 3 wristbands (one for yourself +2). As a representative for someone else, you must present valid ID + nation card / valborg guest card for all.
NOTE! If you act as a representative for someone else on 24/3 as a member, it is required that the person you represent is also a member of the nation.
Wristband sales will take place:
24/3 Members at 13:00, price 275 SEK
25/3 Others at 14:00, price 450 SEK
NOTE! It will NOT be possible to buy pre-sale tickets for individual days.

🌞Entrance for individual days:
If you choose not to buy wristbands, or if they sell out, you can, of course, also pay entrance for individual days at the door. The following prices apply:
28/4 Skvalborg 18:00–02:00
Members: 75 SEK
Others: 125 SEK
29/4 Kvalborg 18:00–02:00
Members: 75 SEK
Others: 125 SEK
30/4 Valborg 18:00–04:00
Members: 125 SEK
Others: 175 SEK

Nation card / valborg guest card + valid ID required
Questions? Send an email to