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We’ll see you in 2025!

What did you do on the last of April? In Uppsala, it was full speed ahead and a true people’s festival out on the streets, squares, and parks. The day was celebrated by both young and old and attracted up to 150,000 visitors.

We want to extend a B I G thank you, and at the same time, honor the 40 or so authorities, organizations, businesses, and associations within our collaboration for the fantastic work done throughout the Valborg celebration. Together, we create conditions for residents and visitors to celebrate safely, neatly, and securely. It is thanks to you that Uppsala is Sweden’s Valborg.

We hope to see you again when we welcome spring in 2025!

Take public transportation to the Valborg celebration (Walpurgis)

We encourage those traveling to the Valborg celebration to use public transportation instead of taking the car. There are many benefits to this; primarily, it reduces overall carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to preserving the environment. During Walpurgis, many streets and parking lots are closed. The recommendation applies both in the city and out to the various bonfires.

Tips to parents ahead of Valborg

  • Talk to your child about alcohol and narcotics.
  • Talk about the celebration by being curious and listening to your child(ren).
  • Be clear with boundaries and don’t buy alcohol for the underage.
  • Keep in touch with your child during the day/evening.
  • Cooperate with other parents and set common rules.

Hike with Ungdomsjouren

Ungdomsjouren establishes safety for young people during the Walpurgis celebration

Uppsala ungdomsjour coordinates social actions together with the police, night hike associations and volunteers.

No pre-registration is required.

Monday 29 april kl.19 och

Tuseday 30 april kl.09:00, 13:00 och 19:00

Gathering point is hotel Gillet Dragbrunnsgatan.

Contact Uppsala Ungdomsjour

Phone: 072-593 63 98


During ongoing crime: call 112

March 18, 2024: Guest Pass for Visiting Students
If you study somewhere other than Uppsala and wish to visit the student nations during the Valborg celebration, you must obtain a temporary membership, called a guest pass. To be able to purchase a guest pass, you must be a student at a Swedish or foreign university or college. Students at folk high schools or vocational education programs (KY/YH) are not eligible for guest passes. Learn more about how and where you can purchase your guest pass.


Walpurgis in Uppsala

A collaboration

Since a few years back, about forty organizations in Uppsala have a close collaboration with the aim of making the Walpurgis celebration safe and clean. Authorities, companies, associations and student nations come together and take joint action both before and during the Walpurgis week.

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