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Snerikes valborg 2023

28 Apr - 30 Apr


Friends! Members! Students!
The day that you all have been waiting for is here and we want to proudly present Valborg – Festival days at S√∂dermanlands-Nerikes nation 2023! We offer two packed, amazing and unforgettable days with live performances by current artists, DJ-performances and much more! If that was not enough, after the live artists we will open up for an after party at Skvalborg and Kvalborg in the nation house! Artists and DJs will be featured in the event in the coming weeks, so be sure to click ‘interested’ or ‘coming’ to not miss out on all the exciting updates!
Ticket release:
27/3 – This ticket release is for members of S√∂dermanlands-Nerikes nation and applies to festival bands for Skvalborg and Kvalborg and tickets to the champagne gallop. It will be possible to buy a maximum of three festival bands and a maximum of three tickets to the champagne gallop per person. If you buy for a person who is not with you, you need to show a picture of the person’s ID and nation card showing that the person is a member of Snerikes nation.
28/3 – This ticket release is for non-members and will be opened subject to availability.
The festival bands are valid for Skvalborg and Kvalborg. Tickets for the champagne gallop are sold separately but at the same time. The ticket release will take place at the office building Brundisium, the gray building in front of Snerikes pink castle, and there will be a queue along S:t Larsgatan for those who want to buy tickets.
Price festival band: 950 SEK
Important! On the Festival Days, the bands will break the queue until 20:00. After that, it will be possible to buy entry at the door for 475 SEK subject to availability. The bands will still be valid as entry but will not break the queue. At 23:30 we will open for sale of after party tickets at the door for 100 SEK.
More information will be published continuously.