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Valborg at Norrlands

30 Apr - 1 May


Outdoor lounge:
We open the gates already at 13.00, for an outdoor lounge with a festival feeling in the courtyard that will continue well into the night! To celebrate this day, we go all in! Get started in our courtyard lounge, take a burger at Orvars Krog or eat festival food in Majs Café and try a beverage from our summer bar!
>> Valborgsgask 17dk, 500kr <<
What would be a Festivalborg celebration without a concluding Valborgsgask for the nation’s engaged, with a follow-up släpp?
After Valborgsgasken, we celebrate Valborg evening with a long-awaited Valborgssläpp! When the mood rises and the evening approaches, we open our outdoor dance floor and Diskot for the club. Vary between dance floors, karaoke and night food at Orvars Krog, for an optimal evening! It will be a Valborg to remember, which lasts until 04.00. Come and celebrate the last of April at Norrlands nation!
”Festivalborgsbandet” breaks the queue until 22.00 every night, after 22.00 the bands act as payment at the door. National card / Valborg guest card and identification are required for all events during Valborg.
Nation card required.
Host: Norrland’s Nation
Time: April 30th 13:00
Place: Norrland’s Nation