Tillbaka till startsidan

Varannan Vatten – for a better celebration

During the Walpurgis celebration, Kuratorskonventet in collaboration with Uppsala University and the Municipality of Uppsala, carry out the campaign “Varannan Vatten”. The aim of the campaign is to lower the degree of intoxication during the Walpurgis celebration from a public health perspective – with the help of water.

The campaign started on the initiative of Kuratorskonventet in the spring term of 2009, and has since then been an obvious part of the Walpurgis celebration in Uppsala. The concept of drinking every other water is based on an information campaign started by Region Gotland.

Together, the Student Nations and the Municipality of Uppsala distribute over 80 000 bottles of water around the city!


Here you can find Varannan Vatten-bottles:
  • All Student Nations
  • Uppsala Central station (Resecentrum/Travel Center)
  • Gamla torget
  • Slottsbacken
  • Ekonomikumparken

Only 12 months to go to Walpurgis

To avoid social gatherings and crowding, we have had to suspend this year’s Walpurgis Night. It’s sad, of course, but necessary – for us to reduce the spread of infection and look forward to next year. Thanks for thinking bigger and celebrating less.

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