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Poplands 2022

28 Apr - 30 Apr


Uplands nation proudly presents:
the long awaited return of Poplands!
Poplands 2022 will be the 10th edition of the legendary music festival leading up to valborg. It’s been three years since we were last able to carry through with the festival and we are so excited to see you all again 🥳
 ↬ Demi Riquísimo
 ↬ Raghd (Live)
 ↬ Hörz Audio
 ↬ Miynt (Live)
 ↬ Samir Yosufi
 ↬ Bænglund (Live)
 ↬ Marble
 ↬ Polanco
 ↬ Lada Recordings
 ↬ very secret guest
& many more to come!
Keep an eye on the FB-event for updates 🌸
Tickets for 28-29th of April:
↬ Pre-sale tickets will grant you access to both days.
↬ There will be a limited amount of tickets at the door.
Limited Early Bird – 250 SEK (SOLD OUT)
Limited First Wave – 350 SEK (SOLD OUT)
Limited Second Wave – 450 SEK
The festival will be running 15-01 both days. Nation card or (valborg) nation guest pass required.

Nationskort krävs.

Arrangör: Uplands nation
Datum: 28-29 april kl. 15:00-01:00
Plats: Uplands nation